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AFL SportsReady recognises some key challenges for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people as they take their first steps in their employment journey, including:

  • guidance through employment and training pathways;
  • connecting with other trainees;
  • moving into the workforce; and
  • securing a job.

We have therefore developed a model that seeks to address these challenges and provides Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people with the support that will lead to sustainable employment.

Our approach includes the following the core elements:

  • Mentoring
  • Gatherings with AFL SportsReady’s Indigenous Programs team
  • Inspirational contact points
  • Cultural Awareness Training for employers

Although we have Indigenous specific programs, all AFL SportsReady jobs are open to Indigenous Australians, not just specific Indigenous roles.

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AFL SportsReady provides support to prospective employers with a range of culturally appropriate services to help increase Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employment and retention. Services include pre-employment programs; working directly with employers to provide customised support programs for job seekers; identification of suitable candidates for employment; support and mentoring for successful candidates delivered by our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander mentors; and delivery of Cultural Awareness Training to employers to increase their awareness and knowledge of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and culture.


Traineeships are structured training programs that enable young people to gain a qualification through employment. They provide individuals with an opportunity to gain practical experience at work while receiving on and off-the-job training. AFL SportsReady recruits Aboriginal and or Torres Strait Islander school students and recent school leavers and matches them with our host employers, supporting them to complete a traineeship that leads to a quality on the job experience and a nationally recognised qualification. Traineeships are available full time, part time or school based nationally.


AFL SportsReady is a Vocational Training and Employment Centre (VTEC) for Victoria and Tasmania. Working in partnership with GenerationOne and the Federal Government, AFL SportsReady is connecting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander jobseekers with employment and providing the support services to prepare them for long term employment.


Mentors provide culturally appropriate support, develop trust and build positive relationships with our program participants and their family network. AFL SportsReady’s retention outcomes affirm how crucial the role of our culturally appropriate and skilled program mentors are to ensuring our trainees successfully navigate their way through employment and training pathways and transition into the workforce. We ensure every trainee has a mentor whilst in our program.


AFL SportsReady is committed to building trust and connections with communities across Australia. Our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander team has extensive community networks and strives to maintain these vital links to local communities. In addition to generic advertising mediums, AFL SportsReady utilises its Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander network database and its community networks to advertise and attract suitable candidates for traineeships and direct employment opportunities.




Our commitment to employers, particularly with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander trainees and staff is to provide the opportunity to increase their awareness and knowledge of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, culture and community. AFL SportsReady strives to ensure that our host employers working environments are culturally safe and supportive. Understanding Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander history, contemporary Aboriginal Australia and significant events for our nation are crucial to building greater respect and understanding. We offer full day and half day programs


This program aims to build the leadership capacity of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander future leaders within organisations. The program assists participants to become more attuned to themselves, their strengths and provides them with the tools to manage, lead and mentor others.


Our education team has developed an Executive Certificate in Professional Mentoring aimed at providing participants with an understanding of the role of a mentor, the skills to effectively mentor and support staff in order to develop their mentoring skills. This Certificate is targeted towards supervisors, managers or staff providing a mentoring or leadership role within an organisation.



To find out more about our training and education programs team:

Jade Colgan
Executive Manager
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Programs
T: 03 8413 3533
E: [email protected]

Traci McCormick
National Operations Manager
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Programs
T: 03 8413 3539
E: [email protected]


The VTEC initiative is funded by the Australian Government and is based on the GenerationOne employment model