Are you an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young person? Would you like to build your work experience, skills and confidence? If so, then a traineeship can help.

As a Trainee you will:

  • Earn the national training wage while you learn
  • Secure a full time, part time or school based traineeship in an industry of your choice
  • Obtain on-the-job training and essential work experience
  • Complete a nationally recognised qualification
  • Receive support and mentoring from an AFL SportsReady mentor and opportunities to connect with other Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people

 For further information on how a traineeship could help your career, download the following guide to our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Program.  



We ensure the following model of support is applied to all our trainees.


Our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander mentors are critical to ensuring our trainees achieve successful employment pathways. All trainees are allocated a mentor, who provides personal and career pathway support, helping guide them through their traineeship journey.

Our gatherings provide the opportunity for trainees to build positive and lasting relationships. Gatherings focus on building leadership, cultural affirmation and developing support structures through interaction with mentors and leaders within the community.

Our program uses the power of constructive support structures and encouragement to ensure our trainees reach their career potential. We develop relationships with inspirational community leaders and respected people, who are encouraged to establish relationships and inspire trainees throughout their career journey.

Recognising the importance of supporting culture is fundamental to our core values. Our specialist team works to instil a sense of pride in our trainees by creating empowerment opportunities, through connecting with one another, communities and sharing cultural learnings.

Our team possess an intimate knowledge of culture and deliver a sense of shared experience which many trainees and their families can relate to. We work with our employers to ensure their workplaces develop an environment of cultural respect and understanding.