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We deliver a range of professional support and training services designed to simplify the process of hiring and managing an entry level employee, allowing you to focus on what you do best - get better learning outcomes for your school. 

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  • The school identifies a need for additional support and writes a position description
  • We recruit the talent and shortlist candidates for the school to select the best trainee for the position. Schools may choose to recruit a past student as their trainee  
  • We are the legal employer and cover all administration, however, the trainee will essentially be working for the school
  • We bill you for their wages and certificate qualification
  • You develop the trainee in their role with our support
  • We support the placement with an appointed Field Officer and an Indigenous Mentor if applicable


AFL SportsReady trainees have been working and learning in schools for 23 years. Each year the number of schools participating and trainees graduating continues to grow. The schools divide almost equally across the government, Catholic and Independent systems.

Originally, the trainees worked in the P.E. and sports departments, but now they also work with outdoor education teachers, in the visual arts, music and drama departments, in the office, in IT and some work in faith and service ministries.

The trainees work alongside qualified teachers performing duties specified in their job descriptions. Typically they start with basic administrative tasks that take up too much of a teacher’s valuable time, but as their confidence grows and the supervising teacher feels the trainee is capable of more responsibility, they take on more complex and interactive roles.

At the same time, the trainee will be studying for a vocational qualification that best matches their hands-on experience and career plans.
AFL SportsReady takes on all responsibility for the trainee as the legal employer. The trainee does not figure in the school’s staff count, but the school gets all the benefits of their assistance. The school is invoiced for the trainees’ time and education once a month.

Besides all the supports the school gives to the trainee, AFL SportsReady appoints a Field Officer to provide pastoral care. Indigenous students have the additional support of an Indigenous Mentor.


For more information on how a gap year trainee can help your school, please contact your state's AFL SportsReady office.