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he cost of a trainee is dependent on two things:

  • When the trainee completed / left high school; and
  • What the trainee is enrolled to study, as part of their traineeship

Trainee costs are based on the average 38 hour work week and are inclusive of:

  •          Trainee wages
  •          Training fees
  •          Administration fees
  •          Superannuation
  •          WorkCover

The trainees wage is calculated on the Australian Government’s National Training Wage.

Costs vary on when the trainee completed high school, their qualifications and the state in which you are located. On average you can expect to pay approximately $15.20-$15.60 per hour, which equates to roughly $30-31K per annum.

To establish a more specific costing plan, please make contact with your AFL SportsReady State Office.

Click here for contact details.